Yes its the iPad-iPhone-duo which caused quite an ‘netquake’ in the last couple of days. As everyone is discussing the pros and cons fo the iPad, I wanted to take a close look at the presentation of the Apps. So I started searching and dugg up great material to show you the do’s and don’ts.

If you skim through this videos you’ll notice that a good presentation reveals its character after a few seconds. The same goes for the low quality videos. Take a look at the first three presentations as they represent the best ones. The other ones lack of things like:

// A clear voice which describes the features of the product OR a clear and simply display of text which does the job as well
// The missing of a smooth background sountrack
// a distorted iPhone. Some of them look like different models.
// etc..

It’s not only the video which persuades the potential customer to buy your app. You have to communicate on all sides. There are a few good tipps for a great app presentation in the last video.

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