Is there a style of Motion Design which you prefere?

I’ve been really into lighting lately, looking at different materials, colorcorrection and how material interact with eachother. As you can see in my showreel intro i’ve also got a pastellcolor period right now, but we’ll se how long that lasts. I tend to jump between different styles alot cause I get fed up with the previous projects I’ve done pretty fast.

Can you tell us your 5 most beloved design / motion design websites.

For inspiration I usually look into what I see everyday walking around, and also movies and ofcorse some websites. Sites like Motionographer, Behance, Greyscalegorilla, and other similar sites.

Can you tell us something about your worst client?

Working with bigger companies which have a lot of people saying what they want is really anoying. Someone approving something that someone else doesn’t and so on… But of course I havn’t got more than one year of working experience so I expect to meet even worse in the future! Right now I’m studying motion graphics and I’m available for internship february 22.

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