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In my Opinion:



Thats the first ‘non Reel’ reel I ever saw. I love the idea. Just to stand out because of the projects name.
Things like this are steps that push your individuality.
I would love to see more composing works like the wacom fish combination! Keep up the good work!


Track: Minitel Rose – Elevator (from French Machine album).

Freelance Services focused on motion graphics, design and illustration. This portfolio shows the way I meet graphic communication, that is, my style.
I am fond of some colors, I love some typefaces.. I enjoy making still life compositions, collages and illustrating. I really love animation.

Work Experience :

I have worked on a full time basis for various TV networks and Publicity agencies during the last six years. During this time I have learned team work and to follow the requirements of the profession. For the last year I was working until the lead of the top spanish motion grapher Tavo Ponce at his new studio TOCH. I am also collaborating with the awesome team of STD/LTD collective. (via HP)

Selected Works:

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