# How do you organize your projects and which tools or software do you usually use?

I have a folder structure that I have worked out. That folder structure is the same inside after effects. It just makes archiving and working in groups easier. I use Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and InDesign CS4, Cinema 4D R10.5, Zbrush and Final Cut Pro Studio

# Is there a style of Motion Design which you prefere?

I like to try and working in various styles but it usually ends up looking mysterious, dark, CGI with touches of photography.

# At last, can you tell us something about your worst client? ( He/she/it doesn’t need to be named )

My worst client… Well I have always struggled with commercial art vs fine art. Working as a graphics artist in an editorial dept you are usually just helping the editor do what they can’t do. So many times you are just creating graphics that go over video. I have also worked at smaller design studios and you get more freedom to create but you are also at the mercy of the clients demands. I also find when working with to many “middle men” (aka producers) things get annoying. Inexperienced people tend to second guess your work even before it is shown to the client. “The design for the back pocket” producer is never who you want to be working for as a designer. It just shows they have now faith or vision in the design. Clients come to you because they need help, you are hired to solve the problem and the should pay you.

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