Visual Effects Reel (Music by Gadjo)

Motion Graphics Reel (Music by Trentemoller)

Motion Graphics Reel Extended (Music by Trentemoller)

Corporate Reel (Music by John Barry)

4 great reels by Darren Marshallake aka DazPix. Each dedicated to an other theme – So lets get right into it. I like the idea of a seperate intro to strengthen the brand but this one is too long. You could cut it down from these 17 seconds to 5-10 seconds with not loosing anything important. The poeple who decide which motion grapher to take mostly don’t have the time to whatch the same long intro severall times, even if its that good.
The Visual Effects Reel has a strong fitting music track, what I cannot say about the other three. These tracks a very monotone and the coporate reel one almost is a little depressing. Some light stronger sounds could turn the whole thing around.
The seperation in four reels is a good idea. Especially the Visual Effects Reel and Corporate Reel benefit from this step as they show that he’s able to translate the (corporate / customer) attitude. What I would love to see is one compilation reel of 40-60 seconds which uses only the best and strongest works of those four reels. This would be the first reel a visitor should see. After that he can check out the other ones to get a closer lock at the specific qualities…

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