Since the number of visitors grew constantly in the last weeks…

…I wanted to begin providing you with some new content. Apart from the daily inspiration package and all the reels I want to start a series which focuses on the most important do’s and don’ts while creating a reel. Lesson One today will help you find the right music.

1. Music: Rhythm/Audio/Video

Try to watch a reel with the sound turned off. Watch the whole thing until the end. Recognize how something important is missing. There is no tension, no atmosphere. Just some images, switching moving changing. Showreels with a slow pace like 3D/CGI Reels still get a bit of atmosphere out of the smooth camera movements. Most designers and agencies prefer the explosive reel which just blows you away. These only work with a strong intensive track. Here are two examples:


This reel is a great presentation of web and print works. But the use of this non-characteristic electrnico track takes away atmosphere. It’s almost the same sound for 3 minutes. Furthermore there’s no connection between the beat of the track and the presentation of the works.


This reel by Yoram Benz catches your attention from the first second. The intensity is just amazing. Video and Audio are combined to one great spectacle. Don’t forget that this is the work from a music video designer/director.  You can check out some of his works here.
Still it’s important to compare your work with the best. This high paced rhythm is not suitable for every reel. The music style depends on your content, and speed of cutting. Still the combination of rhythm, audio and video is a must have! Furthermore you only have one chance to win your client  over. So use all the power to create a great reel. It is the poster child of your work.

2. Music: Rights

One of the big questions always comes up during the development. Can I use copyrighted, commercial music on my reel? There is no perfect answer to this question. The use of copyrighted tracks involves the risk of receiving an expensive letter from the right holders. You can’t use any material without the permission of the author – even if you credit them! (only if the media is marked by a correct Creative Commons License)
The best way would be to ask the right holders for permission and credit them at the end. If you still don’t want to take that risk, you can get your tracks via or other free sound portals.

3. Music: Video & Audio

You don’t have to be afraid of shifting the balance towards the music. There is no ‘perfect’ balance. The only thing that counts is the feeling, which the potential client gets when he watches and – later – recalls the reel. Do you remember the first of the two reels? Do you remember any special scene which burned itself in your mind? Can you remember a certain feeling? Ask yourself the same questions based on the second reel.

4. Music: Conclusion

Pay attention to these tips:
- A great reel has a strong rhythm. That doesn’t mean that it has to be fast or aggressive
- An awesome reel always combines audio and video to highlight the best scenes
- A perfect reel has an agreement for the use of the music – whether its copyrighted or not – and credits the artist

I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I writing it ;-)

Here are some do’s and don’ts videos to complete this first lesson.


No characteristic composition of music and video


Three normal and slow paced reels I Feel the atmosphere

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