It’s so easy to find free vector graphics and brushes online.

But where do you get motion graphic freebies… It’s difficult to find quality rights free conent. So here is my first Motion Graphics Freebie package.

An awsem movie like Time Shuffle Effect

1. Timeshuffle – Preset

An awesom cool jitter effect preset to create horror like timeshuffles made by Jerzy Drozda Jr (aka Maltaannon)



2. Cold Weather Look – Preset for After Effects

A beautifull cold weather look preset for After Effects



3. Free High Quality Textures for your Projects

CGTextures strives to be the worlds best texture site. An imense portfolio of all kinds of different textures. Take a look.


Ancient Titles

4. Ancient Titles – Free After Effects Files + Tutorial

• Create particles that only appear in the light beams
• Bevel the title and create a realistic soft shadow


Background Moving

5. Background Moving – Free Stock Movie

A slow moving, beautifully flowing animation. It appears to be a fabric, or abstract lights that smoothly move throughout the screen. The gray/silver color scheme help achieve the appearance of a liquid metal substance.



6. Golden Particles – Free After Effects File

Did you know that CC Particle World allows you to use an image (or texture) as a custom particle type? Just select the “Textured QuadPolygon” and a texture roll-out becomes available that allows you to choose a layer along with some other options.

Here is a fun project file that uses a custom particle type to create the image-based glowing lights.


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